Dreams do become true

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y mum always told me I am a dreamer and that, as a Spanish phrase says, “I have too many birds in my head”. But I always told her that I prefer to have big dreams than to live conforming to what I have. Don´t misunderstand me, my parents gave me everything in this world. But I’ve always wanted more. My mum traveled a lot and she always tells me stories about the world. I want to live them all, I want to build my own stories to tell my future family.

There are no limits

Well, I just have to say that everything is about perseverance. If you really, really want something, go for it. It doesn´t matter what people tell you, because they will probably tell you that it´s impossible, that you´re never going to get there, that you should be more realistic… But where are the real limits? There are no limits. The only enemy we all have is our own mind. The limits we set up are our fears, and the fears we have will never go away unless you confront them and overcome them.

I found my own motivation with people I admire, like my sister or my favorite gymnast in this world, Jennifer Colino. But everyone has different motivations and challenges. So I challenge you to comment below what´s your biggest dream and what fears stop you from pursuing that dream. I am sure we all can find a solution.

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